Forest Lodge, No. 162, Wroxeter

Meets on the 2nd Monday of the month at 7:30 PM

W.M. – W. Bro. Brent Robinson
S.W. – Bro. Bradley Metcalfe
J.W. – R. W. Bro. Jeff Dickson
Secretary – V. W. Bro. Dale Edgar


The Brethren from left to right.
R.W. Bro Jeff Dickson, V.W. Bro Gerald Van Engen, R.W. Bro Murray E. Fleming, V.W. Bro Dale Edgar

V.W. Bro Gerald Van Engen received his 25 year pin. Gerald said it does not feel like it was that long. He thanked the Brethren and mentioned all the friendships he made over the years.

Congratulations Gerald!


Back W. Bro. David Inglis W.Bro. Mike Crowely R.W.Bro.Les Armstrong R.W. Bro. Ted Burt R.W.Bro.Tim Rock R.W.Bro.John Gibson Middle Row V. W. Bro, Ron Ashbourne R.W.Bro. Gerald Metzger W.Bro. Alan Galdwell W.Bro. Ron McMichael Front R.W.Bro. Doug Stewart V.W.Bro. Jim Dore R.W.Bro Jeff Dickson R. W. Bro. Roy Douglas DDGM W.Bro. Bill Aitchison W.Bro. Dale Edgar


Forest officers 2015

Forest Lodge officers 2015 & 2016

Back W.Bro. Dale Edgar V.W, Bro. Gerald vanEngenW.Bro. Norman Watson V.W.Norm Fairles R.W.Bro. Jeff Hawkins W.Bro Steve vanEngen Bro. Brent Robinson W.Bro. Paul Dickson

Front R.W.Bro. Bill Mulvey W.Bro. Les Danson W.Bro.John Stafford R.W.Bro. Jeff Dickson R.W.Bo. Roy Douglas DDGM W. Bro. Rod vanEngen W.Bro. Ron Gibson W.Bro. Peter Mulvey